Company History

CopySetPrinting opened for business in December of 1985 as CopySetCenter. Situated in the Uptown section of Park Ridge, it was the first store front in an emerging downtown area. Founder Dan Davidson always wanted to start his own company and the copy business was a perfect fit. Dan had worked in the office products field for several years and with the emerging dominance of Macintosh he saw that print would soon be in high demand. CopySetCenter opened for business during perhaps the most difficult month of the year, but with the assistance of his first employees - Dan’s children, Ed and Scott - the business thrived thanks to a combination of technical finishing offerings and customer service.


As the business grew the Davidsons stayed ahead of the curve. When they purchased CopySetCenter’s first color copier it created a lot of interest and sales prospered at a rate of 5 color copies per minute! The popularity of print grew steadily as customers wanted a place to quickly and easily print documents and reports. In 1997 CopySet needed room to grow and moved to the 8,500-square-foot old Des Plaines Post Office building on Oakton Street. 


Today CopySetPrinting center continues provide numerous print, design and finishing services. Owner Ed Davidson has built the company into a premier, full-service print house featuring state-of-the-art equipement and services. Our talented staff works to develop professional relationships which give our customers trust that we will exceed their expectations. 


It seems like every company talks about the importance of customer service, but one of the lasting cornerstones of our business is the way our customers feel about doing business with us. Our dependability and reliability have become very renowned. When you work fast, constantly meet deadlines, have competitive prices, and treat people with dignity and respect it’s hard not to grow your business.


We invite you to consider using our printing firm the next time your company needs printing.  If you would like to talk to one of our customer service representatives, please call (847)768-2679. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your business succeed and prosper.